An artists’ social networking and art exhibit/blog website I developed during 2020, in WordPress/Elementor for Memphis/Germantown Art League.

Sadie’s Old House

A home renovation blog that I developed and maintain in WordPress for my pre-1883 home in Coldwater, Mississippi.

Moosh Print Studio

My art studio, where I create in media: paint, ink, mixed, metals, and clay.

There Are Two Domains & Websites Here:

My e-commerce and blog website I developed and maintain in WordPress.

  • This website is where I sell my work and easily post updated information about my process or art exhibits where my work is sold.

My old website designed in Photoshop and developed in Notepad using dHTML/javascript.

  • I have been dragging this website from server to server for more than a decade, because it’s easy to take down and set back up and I’m simply sentimental. It helps me keep my skills honed by coding updates in Notepad (or Dreamweaver, if I’m feeling lazy). The art tab and links in navigation connect to my e-commerce & blog website developed in WordPress.

Nasty Women Memphis

I have curated these art exhibits, designed the branding, and developed and maintain the website in WordPress, since 2016.

Tony Boyd Music

A website I developed during 2020, in WordPress for musician, Tony Boyd.

Duvall Pool & Leak Detection

A website I developed during 2020, in WordPress for pool service and supply company, Duvall Pool & Leak Detection.

Welch Genealogy

A genealogy website I developed and maintain in WordPress for my family.

Promotional Web Pages

Promotional web pages to push specific events that link back to the main website.

Each has Its Own Domain & Marketing Strategy
  • For targeted and increased promotion of the event, as well as the website as a whole.
Each Domain is Set Up with Google Analytics
  • To tabulate and learn more about viewers, thereby setting the demographic.
Viewers Like the Ease of Navigating
  • Specific promotions, while the entire website, and all its information, is one click away.

I Owned & Operated a Web Firm for a Decade

I owned and operated my own web firm from 1997-2007, transferring my clients to a colleague in 2007. I was forced to close this business after I suffered a major attack of (and was subsequently diagnosed with) relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis isn’t curable, but thanks to modern medicine, I am on a great therapy these days that allows me to get back to work:

Web Brats Web Design & Maintenance (Flash)

Online Periodicals I Helped Brand and Develop

I was on staff with the following newspapers and magazines, helping brand and develop their initial web presence:

The Commercial Appeal
DeSoto Magazine
The Free Lance-Star / Star Web

US Defense Contracts I Helped Secure

I was on staff with the second largest defense contractor in the United States of America, helping design and develop a java applet that won a two billion dollar government contract:

Raytheon Aerospace

Websites Designed/Developed 1997-2007

All websites in this section were developed prior to the invention of the smartphone, so please view from a desktop.

These Websites were Designed in Photoshop and Developed in dHTML, javascript and/or Flash:

Many were developed with perl or java applets, and/or PHP linking to MySQL databases, most of which has been disabled as they are setting on my server and not meant to be fully functioning websites, but to show my history of web design/development. Many of the businesses in these examples have closed and some Flash navigational elements link to dead domains.

Some were built in 1028 x 720 resolution, which views smaller today than in 1997-2007.

Your browser must have a Flash Player installed with permissions allowed, to view some of these websites or navigational elements, which are indicated by the tag “(Flash)” in the link.

4 Points Research Ken Hurt for Congress (Flash)
Absolute Fantasy Leather Ladies & Lords of LeMoyne – Design
Angels Chimney Sweeps LMR USA – Design 1 (Flash)
Angry Bull (Flash) LMR USA – Design 2 (Flash)
Austin Realty Group (Flash) M & H Construction (Flash)
B & P Enterprises Mississippi Association of Legal Assistants
Blues River Entertainment Morrie Douglass for Sheriff
Booger Flicks (Flash) Myers Graves (Flash)
The Boiling Point Mystic Soap Company (Flash)
C & M Builders (Flash) National Tank Outlet (Flash)
Cajun Decals Nickels & Weddle, PLLC – Design
Catfish Corner – Design Our House
Cheap Signs (Flash) OPHS Class of 1988
Chelle Ellis ⚜ Personal Website (1997-2007) Paradise Copies (Flash)
Christian Counseling Ministries (Flash) Party Pair – Design
City of Senatobia (Flash) Phoenix Tactical (Flash)
DeSoto County Electric (Flash) Ratt Sass
DeSoto Magazine Rick’s Home Improvement
DeSoto Sunrise Homes (Flash) Scarlett Darlins (Flash)
DeSoto Sweet Potato Queens Seventh Seal Ministry
DeSoto Times – Design SpecialTee’s Screen Printing
Fun 4 Kids Rentals (Flash) SHS Class of 1978
Gabriel is Here (Flash) Stair Steps by Jim McCoy
GDC Screen Printing (Flash) SS ATV – Design
Growth Spurts Landscape SteelTech
Hands on Houses (Flash) Tin Roof Art Walk
Hernando Main St. Chamber Tiz-Ann’s – A Seafood Company
Hilton Hollis TWJ Ministries (Flash)
Horne’s Restaurant We Find Out Investigations
Jones & Schneller. PLLC Web Brats Web Design (Flash)
Ken Ellis (Flash) Whimsical Collections
King Biscuit Blues Festival Wyatt Waters
Kiersten Joy (Flash) Xyber Life
Knobby Photography Yellow Jacket (Flash)

Now What?

Let’s volley ideas about your website or print media project and polish your brand. Email me at or call me at 901.270.8409.